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Our Products

Unit I Products

  • Sterile Ophthalmic ointments
  • Topical / External Preparations
    • Antibacterial Antifungal, Antiscabies External Liquids
    • Dental Care Products
    • General Purpose Topical Creams
    • Miscellaneous Formulations
  • Liquid Orals
    • Antacids Oral Liquids
    • Antibacterial, Antiamoebics, Antiprotozoal, Antidiarrhoel, Anthelmentic Oral Liquids
    • Antimalarial Suspension
    • Antimalerial, Antifungal Oral Liquids
    • Antivomiting, Anti Tb Oral Liquids
    • Apetite Stimulants Liquid Orals
    • Cough Formulas, Bronchodialators, Antiasthamatics Oral liquids
    • Pain, Fever & Anti Allergic Oral Liquids
    • Tonics, Multivitamin Syrups

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Unit II Products

  • Sterile Ophthalmic Ointments/Gels
    • Antibacterials
    • Antivirals
    • Immuno-suppressants
    • Lubricating eye ointments/gels
    • Hypertonic ointments/gels
    • Corticosteroids
    • Vitamin eye gels
  • Sterile General Ointments/Gels
    • Local Anaesthetics
    • Wound care products
    • Emollients
    • Female care lubricating gels
  • Sterile Pre-filled syringes
    • External gynaecological syringes

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